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Combining durable stainless steel with modular construction the TransAqua range of shower and toileting chairs offer flexibility for both user and carer. Available in both self propelled and attendant propelled models.

The TransAqua is a modular chair which allows for easy specification change to suit degenerative conditions or multiple users.

Corrosion resistant stainless steel frame.
HF welded seat completely sealed against water ingress for hygiene.
Swing away and removable locking armrests.
Swing away and removable height adjustable footrests.
Choice of seat styles aperture, horseshoe and padded aperture with extended seat options.
Choice of armrest and footrest.
Large range of specialist accessories
Maximum user weight 200kgs (31 stones).
Available in 18", 19" and 21" model options to suit user requirements and site conditions.
For ease of transportation the TransAqua can be dismantled without tools.



  • four braked castors
  • stainless steel frame
  • swing away, detachable, adjustable height footrests
  • detachable padded vinyl seat with front cutout
  • swing away detachable, locking padded armrests
  • fabric backrest
  • tubular push bar


  • range of seat styles
  • range of internal widths
  • handrims
  • anti-tip bars
  • push-on brakes
  • choice of wheel
  • rear wheels set back
  • side pads
  • in-line steering


  • footstraps
  • foot pad
  • heel strap
  • calf strap
  • harness
  • waist strap
  • commode pan

Product dimensions

Cutout orientation front
Aperture horseshoe
Padded Standard
Seat height 43 cm
Seat width Small TA18AP: 43-51cm
Large TA21AP: 46-54cm
Rear fitted with castors
Front fitted with castors
Mobile Standard
One piece or individual individual
Fixed or detachable detachable
Movement swing and fold
Weight 16 kg
Width 50 cm
Capacity 190 kg
Armrest height 27 cm
Back height 36 cm
Length 89 cm
Height 97 cm
Brakes Standard
Tubular Standard
Pushing options bar
Padded Standard
Padded Standard
Detachable Standard
Tubular Standard
Features swing away


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