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EasyTrack Pressure Fit System


The ArjoHuntleigh Easytrack Pressure Fit System is a unique system designed for the Maxi Sky 440 portable system. The system is availiable in 2,3 and 4 post configurations to satisfy a variety or needs for your client. It can be assembled or disassembled in under 5 mintues and has a SWL of 200kg and a maximum span of 2925mm.

The ArjoHuntleigh Easytrack Pressure Fit System height is adjustable from 2030mm to 2740mm meaning it can fit in almost every environment where a hoist could be needed, as no fixings are required.

The system is fully portable and can be carried and stored in its transportation bag.

The 2 post system allows simple transfers from chair or bed to wheelchair in a straight line.

The 3 post system allows the same as the 2 post with the added advantage of being able to pivot the main rail, enabling a larger area to be covered by the system.

The 4 post system is effectively a portable X-Y System allowing total room coverage of up to 2.9m X 2.9m offering the ultimate in flexibility.


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