EasyTrack FS


The revolutionary EasyTrack® FS portable track system brings the safety and convenience of a lift transfer into almost any room. The EasyTrack FS portable track system is easy-to-use, set up and transport.

A true portable lift and transfer system for the home that's easy to transport and quick to assemble.
The Easytrack FS is a free-standing, versatile solution for all types of point-to-point transfers - wheelchair to bed, bed to chair, even in the bathroom, anywhere there is a lift and transfer need.

The Easytrack FS has a safe working load of 440 pounds, or 220 kilograms.  That's exceptional for a portable product making it suitable for use in almost any home.

This equipment was designed to allow those with a mobility impairment to continue to live at home and enjoy many of their normal activities.

Easytrack 1. The light weight aluminium bases feature adjustable levelers to ensure that the unit remains perfectly stable and secure when assembled.
Easytrack 2. The posts have been designed to be self-aligning.  Components only fit together one way to prevent any assembly errors and ensure the safety or the system.
Easytrack 3. The rail can be extended up to a width of 115 inches (3 metres).  That is more than enough to span a king size bed.
Easytrack 4. To insert the top rail, the locking clamps on both posts are opened - pushing down on the security catch unlocks and opens the clamp and securely fasten the top rail in place.
Easytrack 5. The system can be adjusted to a height of 84.5 inches (2.4 meters).  That is just short of the 8 foot ceiling found in most homes.
Easytrack 6. The telescoping posts include height indicators that allow you to adjust both posts for a perfectly level top rail.  A special one-way locking mechanism ensures that the post cannot retract on its own.
Easytrack 7. The next step in readying your partner for transfer is to position the sling around him and secure the sling straps to the lift.
Easytrack 8. A BHM portable, battery-powered rechargeable lift is used to gently lift and assist you in the safe and secure transfer of your loved one.





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Weight Capacity

200 kg(440 lbs)

200 kg (440lbs)

200 kg (440lbs)

Ceiling height range

2130-2745mm (84" - 108")

2130-2745mm (84" - 108")

2130-2745mm (84" - 108")

Rail length range

1900-3160mm (74" - 124.5")

1900-3160mm (74" - 124.5")

3000mm (118")

Rail weight (each)

12kg (26.4 lbs)

12 kg (25.4 lbs)

9 kg(20 lbs)

Post weight (each)

4kg (8.8lbs)

4 kg (8.8lbs)

4 kg (8.8lbs)

Total product weight

20kg (44 lbs)

42.5 kg (93.5 lbs)

57kg (125lbs)

Box dimensions

80 x 345 x 1850mm
(32" x 13.5" x 73")
1 box

80 x 345 x 1850mm
(32" x 13.5" x 73")
2 boxes

80 x 345 x 1850mm
(32" x 13.5" x 73")
3 boxes


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