Minivator Portable Hoist

Minivator Portable Hoist

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Many people face difficulties in transferring between locations - from a bed to a chair or wheelchair for instance. This challenge may arise as a result of illness, or because someone is away from their home and does not have access to their normal lifting solutions.

Such situations may make people reluctant to take holidays, or even stay with friends and family, because of the difficulties faced during transfer. Minivator is pleased to offer Travel Track, a stand alone portable solution, to overcome these tricky transfer situations.

Minivator's Travel Track is a non intrusive gantry system that does not require any fixing, permanent or impermanent, to enable its use. This makes it an ideal solution for temporary use; be that for travel purposes, during short term illness or as an interim solution whilst awaiting the installation of a fixed track system. Travel Track's appeal as a portable solution is further enhanced due to the fact
that it is also a self contained unit. The whole system packs up into a carry case that is actually part of the gantry system.

The carry case opens out to reveal an aluminium structure consisting of four telescopic legs and a gantry track that is compatible with most portable hoist carriages.

Each leg extends and is locked into place thanks to a robust handle that clicks the lock into position. Extra peace of mind is provided by the clear visual indicator - if you can still see the red section of the lock it is not engaged. The chunky, easy grip handles have been designed to make locking and unlocking the legs quick and simple.

The only construction required is the pulling out of the telescopic legs, the track is already fixed in place and requires no intervention. When it is no longer needed the legs are simply folded back into the case and the case in turn is folded back to its closed position. The Travel Track can then
be stored until it is needed again.

Safe Working Load (SWL)
With a total weight of 23kg Travel track is approved to lift up to 20.5 stone / 130kg.  However if the hoist used in conjunction with the Travel Track has a lower lifting capacity then the lower lifting capacity should be observed.


Dimensions when in use
Nominal overall height   2150mm
Nominal overall length   2600mm
Nominal overall width    1900mm
Nominal height to track  1950mm
Nominal overall length   1140mm
Nominal overall depth   420mm
Nominal overall width   360mm

Quick and Easy to Assemble


Compact Portable Solution
Travel Track is a self contained portable gantry system.  The integral wheeled travel case is approximately the same size as a golf bag making it suitable for repeated relocation.

One Person Installation
Travel Track can be erected by one person.  The travel case is simply laid on the floor and opened out, this then gives access to the fold out telescopic legs.

Safe and Stable Structure
Travel Track is lifted into its final position by extending each leg a section at a time.  Each time a section is extended it is locked in place by pushing the handle down.  Visual indicators act as a check to ensure the lock has engaged.

Versatile Solution
Travel Track can be used with a variety of portable hoist carriages.  Once in place it provides an excellent temporary solution for lifting and transferring.