Minivator Reclining Bath Lift

Minivator Reclining Bath Lift

Minivator Reclining Bath Lift-   £275.00

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Swivel and Slide Board for Minivator Reclining Bath Lift-   £79.00

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Many people experience difficulty in using their bath either as a result of illness or limitations to their mobility. If you are having difficulty with getting in and out of the bath you may be considering using one of a number of products designed to make bathing safer and easier.

Three recline positionsIf you are looking to enjoy the benefits of a soak in the bath without the disruption or cost of having your bathroom adapted you may find using a bath lift is the answer. Most bath lifts are effectively a seat that can be placed securely in the bath when needed. When raised to its upright position it should be level with the top of your bath. You can then sit on your bath lift and move your feet and legs over into the bath. You then lower the seat into the bath, with the water already in it, and regain the pleasure of a relaxing bath. When you are finished the bath lift is raised to the starting position and you can exit the bath without having to run the water out first. When not in use your bath lift can be removed from the bath leaving it free for other users.

A bath lift is often preferable to a shower (and shower seat) because it offers you the muscle relaxing benefits that a soak in the bath has to offer.

Bath lifts are also often a preferred option over a walk in bath because the nature of such a bath is that you would need to get in when empty and wait for it to fill up. You then need to wait until the water has drained away before opening the door to exit the bath. This can cause discomfort as the user may get cold during either waiting period. The installation of these units may also be quite disruptive and could leave your bath room in need of redecoration.

Reclining diagramAs the name suggests, the Minivator Bath Bliss will recline, allowing you to lie back in the bath. This means that your bath lift will need to be placed away from the end of the bath so there is room for it to recline. It is easily operated and provides a safe and comfortable way of enjoying a bath.

The benefits of a Minivator Bath Bliss

The team at Minivator has worked hard to establish an international reputation as manufacturers of safe, reliable quality lifting products. Our bath lifts have been designed with the user in mind and we are confident that they will be suitable for use in most types of bath.

Minivator Reclining Bath LiftIn choosing Minivator you will be choosing a well made bath lift created to be practical whilst also looking stylish. Compliant with international safety standards, Minivator bath lifts have also undergone a rigorous testing regime so your bath lift will come with peace of mind that you have a bath lift you can trust.

All Minivator bath lifts come with an ergonomic waterproof handset that is simple to use. Up and down are clearly marked, textured finishes and large buttons also make them easy to use for those with visual impairments. Stability in the bath is provided thanks to the super sucker system which securely anchors your bath lift in place, the superior six sucker design provides even greater stability for baths with anti-slip surfaces.

Recognising that it is important the suckers grip well but also need to be easy to remove, we have included an integral quick release design. The handle on the bath lift’s frame makes it easy to remove your bath lift leaving the bath clear for other users or for cleaning. Your Minivator bath lift also has machine washable comfort covers and can be used with bubble bath, bath salts or oil based bathing products.

Easy to handle
Easy to handle
The unique, patented frame clip means that you can lift the unit easily without the frame opening up when handled.


Easy to useEasy to use
To operate your bath lift lightly depress the button for the chosen direction of travel. To stop the bath lift at any time release the button. The Bath Bliss will recline to your pre set final recline position once it has reached the end of its downward travel.

Easy to maintain

Easy to maintain
Simply pull up on the release handle to release the front super suckers, then tilt the lift back to release the rear suckers and remove, leaving the bath clear for other users. The Bath Bliss divides into two pieces, each of which can be handled separately.

  Easy to remove

Easy to remove
The Bath Bliss can be cleaned with non abrasive cleaners and the comfort covers can be removed for machine washing up to 60°c.

Safe and sound
The sturdy frame means that our Bath Bliss reclining bath lift is capable of lifting up to 201/2 stone (130kg/287lbs). With a total weight of 10.7kg, the Bath Bliss is lightweight and easy to handle. The strong but lightweight frame has a lifetime guarantee.


Easy to bath again
Minivator bath lifts bring a relaxing bath time back for people who find it difficult or painful to get in or out of their bath. Available from mobility dealers nationwide they fit into most baths to provide a safe and reliable means of getting in and out of your bath once more.

Swivel and Slide

Swivel and Slide

Added mobility for greater comfort
Available in blue or white, Swivel and Slide Boards are designed to further aid users who may have difficulty turning their body or who require assisted bathing.

They are placed on the bath lift seat to assist users in moving across the bath lift to a forward facing position, or in turning to exit the bath.

Perfectly suited to your needs

Technical diagramThe Minivator Bath Bliss will lower you straight up and down in the bath and recline when the seat reaches the bottom of the bath. It gives a choice of three final recline positions: 10°, 35° and 45°. You can easily determine which of these positions is used when fitting the back rest to the seat base. This position is set each time the back is fitted allowing you to change the recline position to suit different users.

Technical data

Weight capacity

287 lb
(20.5 stones)

130 kg

Weight of unit

30.3 lbs

10.7 kg

Maximum seat height (A)

17.0 ins

431 mm

Maximum overall height of unit (B)

39.5 ins

1005 mm

Length of unit in upright position (C)

26.4 ins

67 mm

Backrest to front edge of seat (D)

19.0 ins

482 mm

Maximum width of backrest (E)

13.9 ins

352 mm

Seat to top of backrest (F)

22.9 ins

581 mm

Width of seat with side flaps fully extended (G)

26.5 ins

672 mm

Your questions answered

This section answers many popular questions about bath lifts.

waterproof handset

If my bath lift is battery powered how can I use it in water?
Your Minivator Bath Bliss is built to comply with international safety and quality standards. The battery is sealed away in the waterproof handset so you have no need to worry about using this powered product with water. To recharge you simply unplug the handset and use the charging unit provided (like a mobile phone charger) to charge it in another room.

  low battery indicator

How do I know the battery will not run out while I am in the bath?
Your Minivator Bath Bliss handset will have an easy to read visual warning so you can see if the battery needs recharging. When the light on the handset is amber it is time to recharge. You do not need to worry about getting stuck in the bath. Your Minivator Bath Bliss has an intelligent system built into its handset. It knows if it does not have enough power to lift you back out of the water so it will not lower you in the first place.

comfortable seat

As the seat is made of plastic is it comfortable to sit on?
Your Minivator Bath Bliss comes with anti-slip comfort covers as standard so you can be sure of a comfortable bathing experience. Not only will they help prevent you slipping when the seat is in the water, they also make it warmer to sit on when you are about to use it. The covers can be removed for machine washing at 60°C.

  simple to use

Is it complicated to use?
The handset for your Minivator Bath Bliss has two large buttons, one up and one down. These are clearly marked and have tactile features that assists users with visual impairments to distinguish between them. To move the lift in either direction hold the appropriate button down. If you let the button go, the lift will stop until either button is depressed again. There is also an emergency override button for additional peace of mind.